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June 25, 2014
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There is power in a smile!

Bright, sparkling smiles are door openers! They inspire, influence, and attract. There are overwhelmingly positive reactions to people who smile. Those who smile are more successful getting dates, getting jobs and making friends. If someone see's you smile, they will be prompted to do the same. If you've been hiding your smile away because your teeth aren't as bright as they used to be, see Dr. Duncan and  his dental team. They will make you smile thru whitening, cosmetics, sedation, sleep and general dental procedures and you will gain back the power of your smile!

Is cosmetic and sedation dentistry affordable?

Dr. Duncan has joined with Care Credit and CitiHealth Card to provide 6-12 month 0% and long term low fixed rate patient finance programs for those who qualify.

Don't suffer with pain from years of neglect or wait any longer for your custom smile makeover!

Call 270-901-0497 or visit! A beautiful smile is PRICELESS!

Scared of the Dentist? You should be more scared of your teeth! Left neglected, teeth can kill. Thats right!

Its a fact that gum disease can increase the severity of stroke, respiratory infections, heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, pre-term and low birth weight babies. Don't suffer with life-threatening pain from years of neglect!

Dr. Frank Duncan can provide you with SEDATION DENTISTRY. Relaxed, comfortable, confidential, nonjudgmental, safe and no IV's. A small pill can provide you the ultimate relaxation!

Drowsy and unaware of the passing time, years of dental problems can be repaired in as little as one visit. Save a life today!

Make an appointment for yourself or a loved one by calling 270-901-0497 or visit our website

June 18, 2014
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Are you searching for a dental miracle? Do you feel hopeless and frustrated about your broken, missing, or decaying teeth? Are you looking for a dental home that restores your trust?

Hope is just a phone call away.  And YES, you can have a beautiful smile again! Call Dr. Frank Duncan, DDS in Bowling Green, KY. (270)901-0497.

Dr. Duncan offers sedation dentistry that allows you to be totally relaxed while correcting years of dental problems. Dr. Duncan believes in providing beautiful and affordable smiles with zero percent interest programs. Their mission at Dr. Duncans office is to gently eliminate years of failing, frustrating, and unattractive dentistry, leaving their patients with smiles and confidence they never imagined possible.

Call today to make an appointment or visit our website!

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It's white, bright, beautiful smile days at Dr. Duncan's office!

n't suffer with pain from years of neglect or wait any longer for your custom smile makeover. Sedation dentistry is now available!

A very small pill can provide you the ultimate in relaxation.

Dr. Duncan can correct years of dental problems in just one visit. Call (270) 901-0497 today!

A beautiful smile is priceless!